A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

Posted on 07 October 2021

So, I start my day at 9am – Firstly check my diary (yes I still use a big black diary where I write in everything I need to do, follow ups etc.!!) for anything important that needs to be done straight away.

I will then check my emails and messages on LinkedIn for any job applications that have come in, check for responses to messages I have sent out in the previous days and prioritise call backs and responses.

I then move on to the job I am working on for that day. Primarily using LinkedIn, I search for potential candidates who would have the experience that matches the job spec I have been given by my client and send out messages to these potential new candidates, while also keeping an eye on candidates that may be suitable for other open roles we have and reaching out to them as well.

Checking in with Fiona throughout the day on any new positions coming in, candidates that have been interviewing, any follow ups that I have done, any updates on candidates etc.

Making any calls that have been arranged throughout the day and contacting candidates that have applied through job boards or directly through our website (If I cannot get through to someone, I will always drop a text and email to say it was me trying to call and then the candidate always has my contact details).

I am always happy to arrange calls during lunch or later in the evenings for people that are working/are on-site and cannot take a call during the day, you just need to let me know when suits you best!

We use a Candidate Tracking System where we upload all our candidate’s CV’s and details onto. After speaking with Candidates, I will go onto their profile and update the notes section with what we have talked about, if I have sent their CV to a client etc.

We are always open to having a chat with anyone working in the Construction Industry that is looking for a change, even if we don’t have any suitable positions available at the time, we may be able to reach out to our contacts in the Industry for new positions or projects that are becoming available.

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