5 Reasons to look for a new job in October

Posted on 05 October 2021

October is statistically a great time to look for a new job. Here are 5 reasons why:

1.   Summer is well and truly over! Hiring managers have returned from holidays and there are more interviews happening as they now have more availability.

2. If you have to work out a 1 month notice period, you will start your new job before Christmas which means you will get a chance to meet your new colleagues at the Christmas Party.

3.   October is the first month of the last quarter, however it is not too close to the end of the year that hiring managers are focusing on January/February yet. They will also be looking to use their hiring budget before the end of the year.

4.   People who are changing jobs are receiving large percentage salary increases which will certainly help to have a bit of extra cash over the Christmas period.

5.   Secure yourself a new job before everyone else who may be waiting until the new year starts looking in January/February and the competition will be much higher.

So, if after reading this you believe October is the right month for you to start looking for a new job, contact me on fiona@gclgroup.ie and hopefully I can get you to that Christmas Party with some extra cash!


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